Friday, February 8, 2008

Playing with mud and muffins

I know that they're not edible, but still they are baked goods. I'm talking about ceramics, of course! Mark and I are taking a ceramics survey course (a.k.a a beginners class), and this is our first batch - the technique was pinch-potting - the very simple technique that kids use in 3rd grade. It was fun, nonetheless! Then we glazed our pieces, which gave some very surprising results - that stuff drips a lot more than you'd expect!
Well, here are our masterpieces:

We brought them home on Tuesday. Then Mark baked his staple muffins: banana-walnut-butterscotch muffins - yum!
They are so moist and good (the addition of butterscotch chips was my idea!) that the muffins I made for today's lab meeting (healthy low-fat banana-granola muffins) seemed, well, not-so-good. My muffins did get a good score by the food critics Dani and Rebecca, but that's only because they never had the banana-walnut-butterscotch muffins :)

No, they're not as good as they look - they're better!

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Dani said...

What!? Those banana-granola muffins were PERFECT for a first-thing-in-the-morning edible.