Friday, April 3, 2009

Bitter Beer Bread

This bread really should not be bitter. It's so easy to make, and has so much potential, that it's really a shame I used the kind of beer that's perfect for cake, but not so good for bread.
Seriously, doesn't it look good?

Ok, maybe not so much on the outside, but look inside:

And, as I said - SO easy to make!

Through the beer bitterness I could taste the sweetness I remembered from the amazing beer bread I had in some bar in Indianapolis or Cincinnati. I believe using a lighter beer (i.e., not EXTRA STOUT!!) would have made my bread taste exactly the same. Too bad, I still have 4 bottles of this beer. I guess I will just have to make more cakes and cupcakes with it.

BTW, since I couldn't finish all of the bread on the same night, I noticed that the bitterness subsided with time. The sweetness was more pronounced, so it wasn't all that bad :)

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