Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kolach, Ears and Rockin' Rolls!

This past weekend included some new baked items. We started with Kolach, a Bulgarian type of bread that's very rich - the dough is made with eggs and yogurt. It reminded me a lot of Chalah, except it's a bit more sour.

We weren't quite sure what to eat it with. I figured an egg would be good, especially since we had some leftover from glazing the bread.

I spread it with cream cheese and topped with some greens. It was good!

A grad student got married over spring break, and so a couple of other grad students decided to have a little reception for him in the office. Then they decided that there are a couple of other people who got married recently, so they decided to add them to the celebration. One of them is myself. It was a bit weird to be congratulated for something that happened over 6 months ago, but I guess it's my fault for not telling anyone about it when it actually happened.
For the reception I decided to bring Hamantaschen, traditional Purim cookies. After all, Purim is just a few days away! In Hebrew they're called "the ears of Haman". Haman was the evil guy who tried to convince the king of Persia that the Jews are bad. I don't know why they decided to name the cookies after the guy's ears, though. As you can see from the photo, they don't really look like ears. Well, not human ones.

I used this recipe, but filled with raspberry jam because that's what I had. The dough kept opening during baking and I had to reseal them, which was kinda hot on my fingers. But the flavor was good.

And for dessert - buttermilk rolls with some veggie BBQ riblets!

Mmm... Molassessy!


Assaf said...

דורית אהלן,

אתם ממשיכים להדהים בעוגות שלכם!

אגב, קולגה גרמני כאן גילה לי ש"טאשן" זה פשוט שק או תיק, ומדובר במאכל גרמני מסורתי, כמו למשל "אפפלטאשן" שזה אוזני המן ממולאות בתפוחים

ד"ש, אסף

Rebecca said...

Mmmmm, I'm a big fan of Hamantaschen. Gold Bar Espresso (Southern and McClintock) has 'em, and they brought me right back to my childhood--the mom of a good childhood friend used to make them and they are soooo delicious!