Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We just came back from the holy land, and all we wanted to eat was bacon! Kosher bacon, of course! We had some BESTs for lunch (stands for: bacon, egg, spinach, and tomato), and then Kugelhopf for dinner. The Kugelhopf was of the savory variety and had bits of bacon in it, along with onions and walnuts.

It was a bit too bacony for my taste, and yet it seemed like there wasn't enough. If you're gonna have bacon and onion and nuts in your bread, you really should have a lot of it, such that you'll have them all in each and every bite. Instead it was just like eating regular bread with a bit of bacon and nuts every now and then. Well, that was my impression on the night it came out of the oven. Today when I had it for lunch it was very good! The crumb is very light and melts in your mouth, and the bacon bits and nuts add crunch to it. So I don't know anymore. Should we make it again - would it be better to make it the same way or add more onion/bacon/nuts to it?
I think I'd vote for adding more nuts, because you can never really have too many of them!


Dani said...

Bacon? Vegetarian bacon? Kosher vegetarian bacon?


Dorit said...

yes, vegetarian, of course! I think it's also known as fakon